A close friendly relationship will be built with your dog by regular handling and attention.

The premises are covered by CCTV and the buildings are protected with burglar and fire alarms.

Should the unforeseen happen your dog is insured against medical bills during its stay with exception of ongoing conditions (subject to £75.00 excess).

We have Kennels suitable for all Dogs

All our kennels have their own covered individual outside runs which your dog will have access to during the day.  The inner kennels are supplied with plastic beds, lined with bedding and are heating during the winter months.


Our modern hygienic block is suitable for most dogs and benefits from being easily cleaned hygienic and good airflow.


Is a premium block of three kennels which has the benefit of its own courtyard.  It consists of two very large kennels and a larger family kennels.  It is especially suitable for dogs requiring a quieter environment.


Is our latest heavy duty kennel block.  It is a block of six suitable for dogs requiring a quieter environment and has no dogs opposite and has the advantage of being close to the owner’s house.


Our original kennel block has been upgraded into a heavy duty block.

We now have three individual paddock runs to exercise dogs which also allows social interaction without them being at risk of being injured.  Only sociable dogs can be exercised this way.

No dogs are admitted for boarding without the production of an up to date inoculation certificate.  We also insist on dogs having the Kennel Cough vaccine.

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