About Us

Kelvin and_pjd2890 Lindsey Barnes have owned Long Meadow since 2004 years during this time they have expanded considerably and improved facilities and service.
They have cared for many different animals in their lives. For the over 40 years they have owned, bred and successfully exhibited Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Ten Champions have been bred and they currently have six sharing their home.  For more information on ridgebacks please visit our website www.diamondridgeridgebacks.com.

We recommend you view our facilities to see the cats, dogs and other pets staying with us, it is a good opportunity to talk to us about the care and attention that your pet will receive.

We realise how important for our customers to know who is looking after their pets.  So we would like to introduce you to the team.

 You can contact us by clicking here

Boarding Contract


  1. Every care and attention will be given to your pets, but we cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury, illness etc .


  1. Boarded dogs and Cats are covered by insurance during their stay up to a maximum of £500 with an excess of £75 per claim to be paid by the customer.  Insurance cover is only applicable if the illness is treated at the vets within 72 hours of leaving us.  Other animals are not covered by the policy and the owners will be liable for vets’ fees. Vets’ fees incurred whilst your pet is with us will be charged for and refunded if the insurance company pays us.
  1. Ongoing illnesses or medical conditions which are not considered attributable to kennel boarding will not be covered by the policy.

Veterinary Care

  1. Animals requiring treatment will be taken to Long Meadow Vets who will consult with the Customer’s Vets if necessary. However we will take the animal to the Customer’s Vets if we feel it is in the best interests of the animal/s.
  2. It is in the interest of all the animals boarded that the Customers disclose any illness or condition which has occurred prior to boarding.


  1. Medication will be given in accordance with the Customer’s instructions but should the animals condition change, other medication may be given as prescribed by Long Meadow’s Vets. If medication is required at intervals outside our operational hours a call out charge will be applied.


  1. We will make reasonable efforts to contact the Customer should an animal/s condition require veterinary treatment. If all attempts fail we will continue to provide the best possible care. In conjunction with Long Meadow’s Vets we will make decisions based on the welfare of the animal/s. In the worst case we reserve the right to put the animal to sleep to avoid suffering. Please ensure that we have up to date emergency contacts.

Payment Methods

  1. Payment is required by credit and debit cards, or cash.


  1. Deposits are required to confirm bookings and are non refundable if the booking is cancelled giving less than a month’s notice.
  2. A refund of the deposit less a £5.00 admin charge will be given if a minimum of one month’s notice is given.
  3. Alternatively a deposit can also be transferred to another booking if a minimum of one month’s notice is given and we have space. Unused transfers must be allocated to another booking within 90 days.
  4. Provisional bookings will be held for no more than 48hrs after that they will be automatically cancelled.
  5. Provisional bookings made within 30 days of the boarding start date will be held for 24 hours and then automatically cancelled.

 Peak Periods

  1. Peak Periods are from 23rd December to 2nd January, Half-Terms, the weeks which include Good Friday and Easter Monday, Bank Holiday Weekends and from the beginning of July to 2nd Week in September. 2, 3 and 7 day minimum charges apply during the peak periods. Please enquire.
  2. During peak periods if a customer reduces the duration of their original booking or number of pens giving less than a month’s notice the customer will be charged for the original booking.
  3. During peak periods when an owner cancels one animal giving no notice the full boarding fee for all animals will apply.
  4. Customers booking at peak times within 30 days of their boarding date are required to pay in full. No refund will be given as a result of any cancelation


  1. All owners must produce up to date vaccination cards for dogs and cats (including Kennel Cough for dogs). Owners must provide proof that their pets have been treated for worms and fleas prior to boarding.  Failure to produce the cards could result in refusal to board or the original booking to be cancelled, the deposit taken and the animal rebooked into an isolation pen, which will be charged for at a higher rate. 

All dogs must be fully inoculated (a full and complete course) against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis, they must have completed their course or boosters 30 days prior to boarding. Canine Infectious Bronchitis (Kennel Cough) vaccine (veterinary nasal drops) also must have been given a minimum of 30 days prior to boarding. We are very strict on this policy, however please remember the strain of vaccine administered can’t always guarantee that your dog will not get a slight case of KC. If you are concerned for your dog, then please take your dog to your vet ASAP

All cats must be fully vaccinated and be annually boostered against Cat flu (feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus),Feline infectious enteritis and Feline leukaemia virus

We will board animals together at the owner’s request and risk. However, if in our opinion it is in the best interest of the animals we reserve the right to separate them and we will charge the customer accordingly.

  1. We reserve the right to put an animal/s in a larger pen if it is their best interests and charge the Customer accordingly.
  2. We reserve the right to dispose of animals not collected within 10 days of the stated departure if no communication from the owner is received and if reasonable efforts to contact the owners or their representatives fail.
  3. Food, bowls, and bedding are supplied by Long Meadow. Should customers wish to supply their own bedding or food we will dispose of the bed and any remaining food.
  4. We walk all dogs at the customers’ risk unless we are requested not to.


  1. There is a car-park for picking up and dropping off, please park carefully and do not obstruct the drive. Please do not drive past or obstruct the gates. Cars are parked at the Customer’s own risk


  1. We accept no responsibility for Customer’s Toys, Collars etc. although we will do our utmost to return them in a reasonable condition.


  1. We have made sufficient provision to ensure that the property is safe. Clients enter the premises at their own risk. Clients should keep children under strict control and not put their hands through the mesh/bars or allow their children to do so. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the kennel blocks.
  2. Clients should keep their dogs on a short leash and ensure that their collars fit correctly.
  3. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by clients who do not control their pets or children

Surveillance and Monitoring         

  1. The Company’s premises are covered by CCTV. The use of CCTV is required for the prevention and detection of crime and protecting the safety of customers and staff.

You should be aware that the Company may monitor, intercept or record all communications and actions.

Force Majeure

Long Meadow Pet Resort shall not be responsible for failure or delay in performing its duties under this agreement if such failure or delay is due to:- any customer transport delays causing postponed vacation of outgoing boarders blocking incoming boarders,  tornados, thunderstorms, fire, floods, drought, other acts of nature, riot, war and terrorism, virus, chemical or similar or any other causes beyond Long Meadows control.


Long Meadow hold details of customers and their pets on computer. We use these records in order to maintain accounting records and for information of pets medical and feeding requirements etc. as required for the essential running of the business.  We will only disclose personal information to the customers’ vets or if requested by Public Health England

I give my permission that Longmeadow Pet Resort may contact my vet in order to obtain any information regarding my animals and that all records are available to Long Meadow and Long Meadow’s vets.   

I give my permission for Longmeadow Pet Resort to disclose my personal information to Public Health England if requested