Meet the Team

All the staff who work here at long meadow are taken on because of their ability to show compassion and empathy with animals. It is essential to your role here that you love all animals and are willing to always work hard and do your best for them, putting the animals needs first.

Felicity – Manager

I have been here now for five years, and I love my job. Starting work as early as we doing all year round takes some commitment, but when we are greeted by our lovely guest every morning it is worth it. There is no better feeling than knowing you are coming to work where there is a waggy tail or a purr like a steam train just wanting for you, as long as you have breakfast that is.

So let me introduce you to some of my team.

Abbie – Supervisor

Abbie started working with us a year ago, she graduated in 2016 from Staffordshire University with a First Class Honours Degree in Animal Science and Behaviour.  Prior to working with us Abbie was volunteering in South Africa in the field of Rescue and and Conservation where she enjoyed the role of Volunteer and Co-ordinator Manager of a volunteer camp in the bush.



Sian – Senior Animal Care Worker

Has worked for us now over 4 years, and progressed with in her role. Starting with us as a temporary animal care worker and now working as our senior animal care assistant.  Sian is great with all the animal we have here. I know I can always rely upon Sian when we have our more timid guests. She has a great empathy with animals. She spends the time required to calm a nervous animal and get to know them, helping them feel at home. We know her here as our in house cat whisperer.


Emma – Animal Care Worker

Started with us four years ago and instantly fitted in with our team, she is a very caring and bubbly person, which is great for our lively and active guests. She enjoys her time exercising the dogs the most, getting to know them, and helping to keep them busy. I rely on Emma to always have a positive happy attitude all day, and always be ready for the next challenge.