Breeding for sound temperament and conformation which is essential to produce 'Fit for Function' hounds has always been our objective.  We were breeding for function long before The Kennel Club brought out its Fit for Function campaign.  Here are a few of the hounds we bred that demonstrate their soundness.

Diamondridge Dolissma (Blondie) has always been fast and active, she jumps five bar gates from a standstill just for the joy of it. Dawn Light bike mushing, Tails n trails club 2/3 Feb 2013, first place both days 5.2 km with a best time of 13min 17 sec. An excellent result considering she is approaching her 8th Birthday.  In 2012 she represented Ireland in International competition.

Dawn Light (Kway) in harness with her son (Podge).

Diamondridge Royal Gold (Flair) has the ability to stalk, she is Grandmother to Dawn Light and Great Grandmother to Dolissma.