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Zara in the VW Van    
Flair in the Snow Blondie Jumping in the snow
Flair enjoying the snow in her 14th year Flair Head 13 years 2 mths
Two Veteran Winners at the RR Club of GB Show Dalila in the Woods
Donny-Club-Show.jpg (6667 bytes) Its a hard life being a show dog Flair shows how to be the fastest sausage eater Flair-showing-them-how-to-c.jpg (35332 bytes)
Bonny, Donny and puppy together BonnnyDonny.jpg (45062 bytes) Dogs-in-woods.jpg (58162 bytes) Dogs in the Woods
Billy basket.jpg (60992 bytes) Billy the Clown With ears a-flapping Desperado Running.jpg (20655 bytes)
Puppies Billy and bonny relaxing in the field. Billy&bonny.jpg (32674 bytes) Destiny running.jpg (24998 bytes) Bonny loves to run in the field.
Flair Sitting.jpg (33852 bytes) Flair is quite a character who tries to do everything we do. Flair Christmas.jpg (24499 bytes) She likes to celebrate Christmas with style.
Our Ridgebacks are still very much hunting dogs, if they can find a quarry. Flair Stalking.jpg (13776 bytes) Pups learn to hold their mother at bay. Zeeta and pups.jpg (9744 bytes)
Flair Hunting.JPG (18361 bytes) Flair enjoys Hunting
her quarry is on bottom LHS of pic.
.Relaxing.JPG (19994 bytes) Relaxing with friends in the woods
"Zeeta", "Flair" and "Teddy relaxing at home. Trio Standing.JPG (24156 bytes) African Gold or "Murphy" to his friends as a puppy Afrcan Gold.JPG (10665 bytes)
"Zeeta" as a 12 week old puppy Zeeta Pup Head.JPG (13719 bytes) Desire.JPG (10207 bytes) Diamondridge Desire, some people say she looks just like her mum Zeeta.
Dogs on mat.jpg (121264 bytes) From L to R Chocky, Zeeta,Kushika,Teddy and Ember relaxing at home. Teddy as a very young puppy Teddy Pup Head.JPG (5948 bytes)